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Chris Christie’s NJ income tax cut would kick can down the road – Gloucester County Times

To the Editor:

I’m not surprised that folks don’t remember the Hoover administration.

That’s too far back for any of us who are alive today. I realize that no one in the tea party knows that what they advocate in terms of fiscal restraint in an economic crisis was tried and failed miserably.

But it appears that no one in New Jersey remembers what happened here almost 25 years ago. In reaction to a tax rise by Gov. Jim Florio to meet the demands of a high court ruling on education, Christie Whitman was elected by promising and delivering in each of her two terms significant tax cuts. That put us on the borrowing track. This put the state into the nasty situation where borrowing was the only way to produce what the voters wanted in the way of state services.

Kick the can down the road was the rule, and look where that got us. Now Gov. Chris Christie is promising to give us an income tax cut. Look for us to go back to borrowing to provide state services while Christie, like Whitman, gets ever more popular.

Howard Leroy Davis


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