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Letter: Damage done by Democrats’ income tax hike

When Illinois Democrats forced a 67 percent income tax hike on our citizens, many of us knew it would be disastrous. We have had a year of higher taxes, so let’s look at just some of the results.

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, in December 2010 Illinois supported 6.05 million jobs. Immediately after the tax increase, that number started sliding until it reached 5.95 million jobs in July 2011. That represents a net loss of 98,000 jobs in eight months. Before the tax hike, job growth had been pretty steady.

What do you think, coincidence or cause and effect?

Governor Quinn tried to sell the higher taxes as a way to pay overdue state bills. After the tax was approved, not one dime of new money was earmarked in that direction. It all went for new spending.

You decide, an outright lie or monumental mismanagement on the part of the Democrat majorities in both houses?

Keep in mind, folks — this is your money they squander as well as mine. Voters need to look beyond party affiliation to see the real-life damage being done and by whom.

If and until we get enough conservatives in Springfield to stop this, the downward trend will continue.

— Dave Willis, Rockford

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