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Virtual VITA/TCE

VITA has gone virtual!!

MCTC’s Virtual VITA/TCE program is currently providing free virtual tax preparation to individuals and families whose income is $66,000 or less.

Virtual VITA/TCE is a new service that provides for the receipt of tax preparation documents, client information, and on-line communication (text or email) between the client and the VITA/TCE site without physical face-to-face contact. Virtual VITA/TCE is accomplished through a secure virtual tax filing portal. The security protocols have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service. There are 103 VITA/TCE programs nationally representing 1,600 VITA/TCE sites using this service to meet the needs of our clients in this COVID environment.

The Virtual VITA/TCE program is titled GetYourRefund (GYR). The developer of GYR is Code for America. For more information about Code for America, visit their website at

How does it work?

  1. File taxes yourself. Visit to choose an option that’s right for you and use the DIY tool.
  2. File taxes with help. Selecting this option will get you to our IRS-certified preparers who will review and file your tax return. First, you’ll answer a series of questions to verify your identity and tell us about your tax situation. Next, you will submit all necessary documents. Our preparers will communicate with you throughout the entire process.

If you wish to use the Virtual VITA/TCE service and have a site preference for the tax preparation,

  • visit the LOCATIONS web pages,
  • locate the site you wish for your return to be prepared
  • click on the Virtual VITA/TCE link below the location’s picture to begin the process

We have concluded our services for this tax season and will not be operating during the summer months this year. Our current focus is on completing all outstanding tax returns we currently have in-house.